MaeLynn Furrys is our community give back organization that we created from one of our deepest loves; our fur-baby rescues. Without our rescues, we would be lost and alone in this world because, let’s face it, fur-babies provide all kinds of fun and shenanigans daily.

Our main goal with MaeLynn Furrys is to give back to the area animal shelters, veterinarians and rescues that handle, care for, love and support our fur-babies each and every year. We want to be able to provide some financial assistance with the daily necessities they have; provide financial assistance in finding medical cures for diseases; provide volunteers for volunteer efforts; and raise awareness for care, diagnosis and prevention in medical related scenarios for all fur-babies.

We hope that you will join us on our journey as we help in our area any way that we can. And, we hope that it will inspire you to help in your local area in some way as well.

MaeLynn Furrys is a division of MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

MaeLynn Furrys is owned and managed by MaeLynn & Co. LLC.

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